As you know that battles like PC vs mac, android vs IOS, PUBG vs Fortnite, etc will never end.

But don’t worry we have got you covered with our reviews and comparison.

This is one of the biggest debates i:e ‘PC VS Mac‘ for computer users, especially for developers.

Both Mac or PC is capable to choose, it only depends on which one you feel comfortable on.

Different kinds of uses make the PC better or in some other uses, Mac wins the game.

So, in the end, you need to decide which one is better for YOU.

We can only tell at what base which one is better.

Let us know which one you like, is it PC or Mac.

By Definition


PC is the short form of Personal Computer that usually runs Windows.

Its support is based on IBM-processor, the operating systems it supports are Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.

It is developed by different companies like Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc.

Microsoft and Intel company started owning the market at beginning of 1990.


Mac is the full form of Macintosh which was a known name from 1984 to 1998 developed by the single company Apple Inc.

The first computer from Apple Inc was Macintosh 128k, developed in 1984.

Unlike PC it supports all the most used operating systems like Windows Vista, macOS, etc.


maintenance - PC vs MAC
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One of the good things about it is that every part is upgraded from time to time by so many vendors that allow you to change any inner hardware component to make it as you want.

However, not all PCs supports all type of inner hardware components from a different vendor as you may have experienced it.

So it’s complicated for maintenance.


Unlike PC, it doesn’t provide you all options to upgrade all inner hardware components except the hard drive and RAM.

But because of this, there is no such complexity in maintenance for every inner hardware component.

At this point, you don’t need to worry about the fact you would need such and such component from such and such vendor.


by user1891159


There is no doubt, PC is on the upper hand at this point, the majority of publishers develop their games on this platform, sometimes their games are supported on both PC and Mac, like Call of Duty, etc.

Some PCs are specifically designed for only gaming purposes that are extremely expensive to buy.

And because of the ability of maintenance, one can build his own gaming PC as he wants.


It is well known for teaching, learning, and especially for developing purposes.

But when it comes to the category of gaming then it didn’t have many games that would be playable but recently some publishers have started to make their games compatible with this platform.

But still, Mac loses this category to PC.

Dealing With Malware Or Viruses

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Its users have been dealing with problems with malware and viruses because according to the statistics of computer users.

Its users are much more in numbers:e more than 90% of its users and the remaining ones are Mac users.

So it’s obvious that the number of hackers is in greater number as its users.

But still, the latest Windows versions are more secure than previous versions.

Windows 10 provides you ultimate security as it comes up with its own antivirus that is really powerful.


Since its users are lesser in number so it makes hackers in low numbers.

However, Mac itself provides its user with great security from malware or viruses.

But still, it is required for Mac users to take steps like installing antiviruses for precautions because as the technology for security increases then the hackers become smarter as well.

So if you are a Mac lover then we would advise you to take possible steps for protection.



There is no doubt, like the gaming category as we have discussed above, the majority of software and applications are compatible with its OS, i:e Windows.

Since its users are much in numbers, so if a company wants to develop their software, their priority is that the software should be compatible with it or its OSs. 


Recently, many software has been made compatible with Mac as well as other companies have started to focus on Mac to extend their marketing for their software.

And because of this fact, many PC users especially developers have started to switch to Mac because of its ability that is not good enough in PC



As we now know that PC and its inner hardware components are manufactured by many different companies.

So if an issue occurs in a hardware component then you may need to deal with different manufacturers if the issue is serious otherwise there some computer specialists that can resolve that issue if possible.


The good thing about Mac support is that if your hardware component or inner one is damaged then you have to deal with one manufacturer i:e Apple Inc because there is only one manufacturer for Mac.

Besides they provide good support to their customers while PC manufacturers provide poor support in SOME conditions. 



It is more likely to use for home uses like video and audio editing, photo editing as well as other regular purposes because it is available from a cheap rate to an expensive rate.

Gamers always prefer it for playing games because the majority of games are compatible with only PCs. 


Like PC, it is also used for video and audio editing as well as for photo editing.

However it is widely used for doing research and educational purposes.

Most developers and programmers prefer it for their work because of it’s ability.

It is also used by entrepreneurs as you may have seen them in their YouTube videos. 



If a person needs a computer for regular purposes or cannot afford a computer at a price higher than $900.

PCs are available from cheap price to high price so if someone wants to use for like word processing or for web purposes then the person can buy at any affordable price. 


The starting price of a MacBook with different versions is $900 to above $2000.

So it is not affordable for everyone or if a person wants to use a computer for regular needs then buying PC is the best option otherwise it is worth buying any MacBook of any version specially for working needs.


We cannot say or nobody can say that you should use PC or Mac, it only depends on you that what you want to do with computer i:e the category of uses and price we have discussed in this article.

In summary, both Mac and PC are worthy to use, it’s up to you that what is your need.

If you are still confused then read category USES, SOFTWARE, and PRICE(for your budget).

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