iPad generation 7 is launched by Apple in September 2019, we are going to dive deep into its features, pros and cons, and its conclusion that is it any good for you or not.

You can directly read the summary if you want but I would suggest you read completely so it may help you to take your decision wisely.

Here are those features that we will discuss here:

  1. Screen and Weight
  2. Touch-ID and Smart Connector
  3. Storage and Camera
  4. Speakers
  5. Connectivity
  6. Price
  7. Summary


Price $329
Screen-Size 10.2 in
Colors Grey, Silver, and Gold
Chip A-10 Fusion chip
Storage 32GB-128GB
Resolution 2160 X 1620
Camera 8MP
Connector Lighting
Weight 483 g
Battery-Life 9-10 Hours


This is the first time Apple has launched an iPad with a different screen size i:e 10.2 inches.

Normally their iPad screen size is 9.7 inch, now all their latest iPads are 10.2 inches or above.

You might be thinking that this one is going to be too big for you to carry or use than the previous iPads, but actually, it’s not that big.

Actually, they have just widened the screen by reducing the width of bezels while the size of the device is not noticeable.

So what I mean by that if you never had any problem with the size of previous iPads, then you won’t have any problem with this one.

Another thing is that the screen of the Apple iPad generation 7 is brighter than the previous iPad generations but it’s a little bit reflective, so make sure to use it at a good angle.

Apple iPad generation 7 is a little bit heavier than the previous generation i:e 483g, while the previous generations weigh 469g and thickness, is the same as previous generations.


Well, this new iPad generation has few cons like it is downgraded on touchID.

Even the sixth and fifth-generation iPads had second-generation touchID which was faster.

By the way, the touchID works fine when it comes to speed. So it’s not that big deal, right?

It has another feature i:e smart connector that allows you to connect its keyboard that you have to buy it separately but I would suggest you buy another keyboard because the keyboard is really expensive, it costs around $159.00.

Apple has also claimed that you can use iPad generation 7 as your laptop.

But in my opinion, you cannot do all that stuff that you do on your laptop, few tasks can be performed on this iPad that you do on the laptop for example videos or photo editing, browsing, typing if you use the keyboard but you cannot type is for hours.


Now let’s talk about the camera, It has the same camera as iPhone 6 that is 8 megapixels f/2.4 on the back and 1.2 megapixels f/2.2.

As it is a tablet, it is good because most tablets do not have good cameras, it is not that big problem if you don’t use a camera on iPads even you do then still good.

It has 3GB RAM while the previous generation iPads have 2GB RAM.

But there is a problem (if you are planning to use iPad generation 7 as a laptop) that its internal storage is only 32GB just like previous generations.

If you want more space then you can select the option “128GB” on the store, but it will cost you even more.


Well, it is not good news for especially those who love to listen to music loudly while they are doing work in the room.

Apple iPad generation 7 has a little bit of downfall in its speaker quality and another problem is its location, there are two speakers around the USB port.

Well, don’t take it as a disaster if you don’t love to listen to music loudly.

There is one thing that has disappointed many customers that iPad generation 7 is still coming up with the old processor i:e A10.

Well keeping some features the same is fine but such features like camera, processor, etc are supposed to be upgraded.

If you never had a problem with the old processor then you don’t need to worry about its processor.


iPad generation 7 comes up with Bluetooth 4.2 while the latest version of Bluetooth is 5 which is good enough to transfer your files.

Another feature based on the connectivity is that by default iPad generation 7 provides you wi-fi which is still 802.11ac.

It also provides you Wi-Fi + cellular but it will cost you even more just like choosing 128GB storage on the store.

We will discuss the price part later.

Apple iPad generation 7 supports only first-generation pencil and the responsiveness is awesome because the responsiveness is the same as with the original iPad 12.9 inches.


Now let’s talk about its price. If you want to buy a default iPad generation 7 then it costs around $329.

But if you want cellular + WiFi then it will cost you around $120 more that is $449 and if you choose 128GB storage (if you are not selecting cellular) then it will cost you $90 more that is $419.

There is another demand that you can make on Amazon that is AppleCare + Bundle, it will cost you $19 more that is $348.

Notice: If you don’t have experience in online shopping then let me tell you something that if there is a discount on such products then those discounts are removed if you choose more features like cellular or/and 128GB storage etc.


When there are generations or versions of such products.

There are always some upgrades on some features, some features remain the same and some are downgraded on some features.

REMEMBER, these upgrades, downgrades, and what remained the same will be based on the comparison with previous generations, not Apple iPad Air and mini.

Here are those features that have remained the same or upgraded or downgraded.


  1. Screen-Size: 10.2 inches
  2. Screen-Resolution: 2160 X 1620
  3. Weight: 1.07(minor difference)
  4. Laptop replaceable (at some limit).
  5. RAM: 3GB


  1. TouchID
  2. Pen quality
  3. Expensive keyboard
  4. Battery Life


  1. Processor: A10
  2. Rear-Camera: 8MP
  3. Storage: 32GB-128GB
  4. Wireless-type: 802.11ac
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