There are many Kung Fu movies until now.

But it is hard to find the best Kung Fu movies that would even inspire you to learn Kung Fu.

We have made a list of Best Kung Fu movies not based on so many views or well known.

If you love action movies then you will definitely love these movies that are mentioned below.

Here is the List of Best Kung Fu movies of all time:

1. Best Kung Fu Movies: IP MAN

best kung fu movies - ip man

IMDB Rating: 8

Release Date: 18 December 2008

Ipman is always one of the best kung fu movies of all time in which Foshan was a center of Southern Chinese martial arts in the 1930s, where different schools actively recruited disciples and fought against each other.

Although Wing Chun master Ip Man is a professional martial artist in Foshan, he has an almost invisible profile and is unacceptable.

As an independent rich man, he feels no need to accept any disciples and instead spends his days studying, meeting friends, and spending time with his family.

His wife, Wing Sing, however, is often resentful of the time he spends with friends and colleagues practicing and discussing martial arts, instead of spending time with her and their son, Ip Chun.

While not a professional martial artist, in Foshan Ip is revered for its capacities and modesty in fun, closed-door competitions with local masters.

An individual named Yuan saw it when he beat fellow master Liu in a friendly sparring match while trying to remove his kite stuck on a tree next to Ip’s house.

In Foshan, the Japanese invasion of 1937 has harmed the lives of everyone.

Ip’s home is seized and returned to the military headquarters of Foshan by the Empire Japanese Army.

Ip and his family are being asked to move to a decrepit flat.

Ip desperately seeks jobs in a Japanese coal mine to support his family.

The Japanese general Miura, a master of karate, sets up an arena in which Chinese martial artists fight with his military staff, and rice is offered for those who win.

Li Zhao is now working as a translator for the Japanese army, a retired policeman with an Ip acquaintance.

It gives the martial artists who work at the coal mine a chance to buy rice each time they win a fight.

Ip refuses to fight at first. But when his friend Lin disappears after a play, Ip decides to enter to discover what happened to his friend.

Ip watches Foshan Martial Arts Fellow, Master Liu, beat a karateka, but Liu then asks three to fight at once and fails.

As Liu tries to catch the winning rice bag from the first game, Colonel Sato shoots and kills him without Miura’s permission.

Miura aims Sato to his head with his own pistol and attempts to execute him in person should he shoots again in the dojo.

Jin tells Miura about Ip’s relation to the cotton mill.

The Japanese raided the mill and took Ip who asked Chow for protection from his wife and children.

Miura states that Ip’s life shall be preserved if Ip consents to teach Chinese martial arts to Japanese soldiers.

Ip opposes Miura to fit and confronts him.

Miura embraces the Japanese people because of his love of martial arts.

In public, Foshan’s square, the match between Ip and Miura is kept.

If he doesn’t throw the match, Sato secretly threatens Ip with death.

In the first place, the two fighters look the same but Ip finally sweeps Miura away, beating him with an impeccable defense and an unstinting, unstinting blow.

Ip sees Chow return with Ip’s wife and child.

Sato is furious at the loss of Miura, firing Ip at the shoulder, stirring up the Chinese crowd that outnumbered the Japanese troops.

Li kills Sato with his own pistol during a scuffle. Chow and his family are carried apart by Ip in the confusion.

The epilog shows that he and his family live with Chow’s support in Hong Kong.

There he creates a Wing Chun academy, which teaches martial arts to his students, including Bruce Lee.


best kung fu movies - crouching tiger, hidden dragon

IMDB Rating: 7.8

Release Date: July 6, 2000

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon is the second-best kung fu movie in the list of best kung fu movies of all time.

Li Mu Bai is a swordsman in the Qing dynasty of China and Yu Shu Lien is the head of a secret protection organization.

Yu Shu Lien and Li Mu Bai have been in loyalty with each other for a long time, but Shu Lien was engaged before his death with Mu Bais’ close friend Meng Sizhao, Shu Lien and Mu Bai feel committed to Meng Sizhao and do not pursue one’s feelings.

In retiring Mu Bai, Shu Lien asks Shu Lien to send his fabled “Green Destiny” sword to his Beijing-based charity, Sir Te.

Jade Fox, a woman who wanted to learn Wudang’s skills, murdered the trainer Mu Bai long ago.

Shu Lien meets Jen Yu, the daughter of wealthy and influential Governor Yu, and he will get married while at Sir Te’s house.

A disguised robber sneaks in one evening and steals the green destiny in the property of Sir Te.

Master Bo and Shu Lien, Sir Te’s serfdom, traces the robbery to the compound of Governor Yu, where Jade Fox has been the Governor of Jen for several years.

Shortly afterward Mu Bai arrived and spoke to Shu Lien about the robbery.

Master Bo takes to Beijing Inspector Tsai and his daughter May, who came to investigate the Squirrel, a provincial police investigator.

This night Master Bo and Fox invites the duo to a showdown.

After a long war, Mu Bai arrives and outmaneuvers Fox, the party is on the brink of defeat.

She indicates that she killed a teacher of Mu Bai because he was sleeping with her but had declined to take a woman, and she thought that poetic justice was required to kill him at the hands of a woman.

Just as Mu Bai is going to execute her, the masked robber comes back and helps Fox.

Until the robber and Tsai flee, Fox kills Tsai.

Fox knows that Jen has secretly read the Wudang manual after watching Jen battle, Mu Bai.

Fox’s ability to read the manual helps her to conquer her instructor in martial arts, while Jen’s ability to read the manual.

At night, a woodland bandit named Lo bursts into the bedroom Jen and asks her to go to him.

A flashback shows that Lo and his bandits attacked Jen’s caravan in the past, while Governor Yu and his family moved to the west of the deserts.

To get her pebble back, she chased him to his desert cave.

But the couple immediately falls in love with passion.

Last but not least, Jen was sure that he would return to her family before telling her a legend about a man leaping off a cliff to satisfy his wishes.

He didn’t die because the spirit of the guy was pure.

Lo came to Beijing to tell Jen not to go for her engagement.

Yet Jen declines to go with him. Later, Lo stops Jen’s procession of weddings, asking her to leave with him.

In the vicinity of it, the Shu Lien and Mu Bai persuade Lo to wait for Jen on Mount Wudang, to be safe from his angry Jen family.

On the wedding night before marriage could be finished, Jen runs away from her husband.

Dressed in male sweeping, a large group of warriors stick to her inn; armed with her own superior battle abilities, her triumphant appearances emerge.

Mu Bai is willing to die as Jen leaves to prepare an antidote for this poisonous dart.

Finally, he confesses his love for Shu Lien in his last breaths.

When Jen arrives back, he dies in her arms too late to save Jen.

Sir Te’s Green Destiny is back.

Jen goes to Mount Wudang later and sleeps with Lo last night.

Lo joins Jen on a bridge overlooking the mountain edge the next morning.

She asks him to make a wish in an echo of the legend about which they talked in the desert.

Back in the desert, he needs them to be together again and Jen leaps off the bridge to ride through the white clouds.

3. Best Kung Fu Movies: KUNG FU HUSTLE

best kung fu movies - kung fu hostel

IMDB: 7.7

Release Date: December 20, 2004

This is by far one of the best kung fu movies with full of comedy. Unlike other best kung fu movies, there are many unrealistic scenes but filled with comedy.

The little crooks Sing and Bone in the 1940s wanted to join the popular Axe Gang which ruled the city with an iron fist headed by a cold-blooded Brother Sum.

Both visit Pigsty Lane, a slum in the past, where they pretend to be Axemen and try before being chased off by the slum Landlady to extortion the inhabitants.

Sing throws a firecracker to bluff them, which blows the hat of a little leader of Axe Gang walking by.

Sing accuses people of tossing the firecracker and a barber is being targeted by the manager to be caught only by the imaginary attacker.

Three of the gangs—Coolie, Tailor, and Donut—show up to be masters and winner of the party.

The community calls for re-enforcement.

The Landlady immediately expels the trio for fear of the repressions of the Axe Gang.

Brother Sum becomes angry at the loss of his men, arrests Sing and Bone for acting like gangs.

Sum plans to execute them.

Singing is barely free of his lock-picking powers, impressing Brother Sum, who encourages you to join the gang after your kill.

Sing, who mourned his mistakes, returned to Bone his childhood: he had been taught to think that by selling a martial arts booklet he was a natural Kung Fu genius and as a result, making his vagaries his meager savings in purchasing the pamphlet.

Sing used the Buddhist Palm technique and sought only to be battered and embarrassed as the bubbles point to the fact that the pamphlet costs only 20 cents to rescue Fong, a mute child, from bullies.

The good guys never won the singing and chose to be a villain. Sing was then heavy.

To kill the Landlady, the two return to Pigsty Alley, but their scheme backfires and they narrowly flee.

Searching the safety at a traffic chair, the pain forces Sing to hit the side of the chair with extreme impact, coating the floor with hand-formed impressions.

Sing is soon taken by the damages that he experiences during the escape from his body.

The Harpists – two murders with a magical guzheng – recruit Brother Sum to destroy the masters of the Pigsty Avenue.

In the night they enter the unknown alley and overwhelm the three masters who were returning.

The Landlady and her husband the Lord interfere and prove to be practitioners of Kung Fu.

The Harpists are being vanquished and Brother Sum is being warned before Pigsty has been evacuated.

Confronted with his growing mistakes, Sing decides to rob an ice cream seller but accidentally finds out it is Fong.

As she has done in the past, she gives him a lollipop, but he switches it out, embarrassed of how much he has sunk.

Sing is taken to Brother Sum after shooting Bone down.

If he can free the legendary killer Beast from an asylum, the gang leader provides Sing with immediate membership in the gang.

Sing succeeds and the gang headquarters are taken to the Beast.

A sweets shop with a Fong lollipop as its mascot opens Sing and Bone.

He gladly invites Sing to restore her recollection of her youth when he sees Fong without.

Sing the booklet draws a new child just outside the market, but this time he sells some pamphlets that teach various types.

4. Best Kung Fu Movies: ENTER THE DRAGON

best kung fu movies - enter the dragon

IMDB Rating: 7.7

Release Date: July 26, 1973

Braithwaite, a British intelligence service that investigates alleged crime lord Han, approached Lee, a skilled Shaolin martial artist, and Hong Kong teacher.

Lee is convinced that Han’s participation in cocaine trafficking and prostitution is being demonstrated at a high profile Martial Arts competition on Han’s own private island.

Shortly before leaving, he also discovers that Han is serving as Han’s bodyguard on the island, the man responsible for the death of his sister, O’Hara.

Roper, an indebted gambling addict, and Vietnamese fellow war veteran Williams are also participating in this race.

At the end of the first day, Han says to the participants not to leave their quarters.

In search of evidence, Lee contacts Mei Ling and sneaks into the compound in Han. Han ordered his giant watchman Bolo to publicly destroy the wards the next morning.

Lee faces O’Hara in the match and after his execution, he is eventually killed.

This night Lee sneaks again and sends a message to Braithwaite, but after an extended fight with the guards, he is captained.

Han arranges Roper to battle Lee the next morning, but Roper does not.

Roper must now fight Bolo, who, after an awful confrontation, manages to defeat and beat as a punishment.

They are soon supported by the island’s prisoners who were released by Mei Ling, faced with insurmountable odds.

Lee, who eventually corners him in his museum, escapes and is persecuted by Lee.

Han launches into a secret mirror room after a vicious battle.

The mirrors give Han a chance at first but Lee breaks down all of Han’s mirrors in the room and kills him.

The key fight, now over, comes back outside Lee.

A Roper sits victoriously battered and bloodied, and the military eventually arrives to rule the island.

5. Best Kung Fu Movies: THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN

IMDB Rating: 7.7

Release Date: February 2, 1978

Liu Yude is a young student who is drawn to the local rebellion against the Manguine government by his activist teacher.

However, the government officials, headed by the brutal General Tien Ta, quickly discover and suppress the revolt, liquidating the school and killing friends and family members of the students.

Yude plans to pursue the people’s revenge and conquest and leaves for the temple of Shaolin to practice kung fu.

Injured after an escape by Manchu henchmen, Yude arrives at the temple, finding refuge.

Because he was an external person, the monks initially rejected him but the chief abbot had mercy on the youth and allowed him to remain.

After one year, in 35 chambers, in each of which the temples’ novices are trained in one aspect of Kung fu’s fighting arts, Jude, now known as San Te, begins his martial arts training.

San Te is moving faster, reaching the position of deputy supervisor in six years’ time than any other previous student.

San Te has many exhibition matches to beat every time, challenged by the Chief of the discipline of the monastery, who thinks him unfit for his position.

However, San Te eventually prevails after the inventory of the three sectional staff and receives approval from the lead abbot to become a chamber overseer.

6. Best Kung Fu Movies: DRUNKEN MASTER

best kung fu movies - drunken master

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Release Date: October 5, 1978

This movie is one of the best kung fu movies of Jackie Chan in which he plays the roll of Wong.

Wong has several challenges.

Next, he teaches a workshop to an overwhelming assistant professor in martial arts.

Afterward, he makes strides to a woman to please his mates and as a result, is thrashed soundly by the elderly woman guardian who hasn’t seen them before.

His humiliation is exacerbated as these two eventually show themselves to be his visiting aunt and cousin.

Finally, a hooligan, son of a famous man in the area, beats.

By making him practice more in martial arts, his father tries to discipline him for his actions.

Beggar So pushes Wong into his regimen of harsh and intensive preparation.

Wong flees once again to escape torture and mistakenly enters the well-known murderer Yim Tit-Sam (sometimes known as Thunderfoot and Thunderleg).

Yim is known for his “Devil’s Kick” an unbeatable, quick, and lethal kicking style. Wong leads him to suffer and is lost and humiliated.

He returns to Beggar So and decides to become interested in the training program of the Drunken Master.

Wong soon discovers the hidden martial arts style of Beggar So when the training resumes, a form of Drunken Boxing, named after the eight xian alluded to in the fighting style, called “The Eight Drunken Immortals”.

Except for Drunken Miss Ho, Wong masters seven of the eight styles, though he finds his fighting method too delicate.

Yim Tit-sam is hired to kill Wong’s father by a corporation rival.

Wong’s dad is pursuing Yim and is defeated and wounded by him.

Wong and Beggar So get on the stage on time and Wong keeps on battling with Yim.

Beggar So vows not to intervene in the war.

He applies his latest skills and outstrips the kicking form of Yim.

And then Yim uses his hidden technique, the Shadowless Devil’s Paw, which Wong can be beaten too easily.

Wong acknowledges that he has not perfected the last style, and so Beggar So says he should mix the seven styles into his own version.

Wong follows the instructions and demonstrates his own special Drunken Miss Ho form, which he uses to beat Yim by defeating the Somali Side.

7. Best Kung Fu Movies: KUNG FU PANDA

best kung fu movies - kung fu panda

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Release Date: May 15, 2008

This animated movie is one of the best kung fu movies until now.

The Po giant panda is a fan of kung fu in Ancient China‘s Valley of Peace, a country with a population of anthropomorphic creatures.

The Angry Five – Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Crane, and Mantis – are idolized by a quintet of master of the kung fu, taught by Red panda Master Shifu.

But Po can’t fulfill his Kung Fu dream as he serves his father in his noodle restaurant, Mr. Ping the Goose.

Oogway, the ancient tortoise of Galapagos and tutor of Shifu, has a glimpse of the release from captivity of Shifu’s former protege, the wicked Tai Lung Snow Leopard.

Oogway says Tai Lung is going back to the valley to demand his retribution because he rejects the Dragon Scroll, which is supposed to have infinite strength.

Shifu, panicked, sent the Goose Zeng to his courier, calling for the prison to improve its protection.

He conducts a Furious Five tournament, so Oogway can recognize the Kung Fu Master, who is deserving of the Dragon Scroll.

Po arrives too late to head into the arena; despairing to see the dragon warrior, Po braces into the middle of the arena with a lot of fireworks.

The Dragon Warrior is referring to the crash of the lands in front of Oogway.

Oogway proclaims Po as the chosen hero to the astonishment of everyone present.

If Shifu trusts the judgment of Oogway to be an error, he attempts to dispose of Po by a hard training regime, whilst the Furious Five admonish Po as a martial arts enthusiast.

Po feels he is resigned, but he endures his training after getting support from Oogway, and eventually friends the Five with his endurance, culinary ability, and good humor.

Po discovers at that period that Shifu’s cold and remote nature comes from his own disgrace at the characteristic of Tai Lung that grew him up from childhood.

Tai Lung, meanwhile, escapes from jail by picking one of Zeng’s feathers out of his locks.

In a tide of peach flowers, Shifu hears of Tai Lung’s escape from Zeng and tells Oogway, who pulls a promise from Shifu to believe in Po.

Still struggling to understand the principles of kung fu, Po admits desperately that he can’t beat Tai Lung.

The Five abandon Tai Lung themselves with this overhearing.

Yet Shifu learns that when inspired by food Po can perform an amazing number of physical feats.

By integrating these elements in an innovative kung fu form, Shifu uses food as positive reinforcement.

Meanwhile, after the nerve hits Tai Lung, the Angry Five comes back.

Shifu determines that Po is ready for the Dragon scroll, but the scroll displays only a white reflective surface.

If the scroll is unnecessary, Shifu tells Po and the Five, when facing Thai Lung, to leave the valley. When Tai Lung comes and fights Shifu, Mr. Ping considers a distracted Po.

To comfort his son, Mr.Ping admits that nothing is a hidden ingredient of his iconic soup, explaining that items are special because you perceive that they are special.

Po knows this is the Dragon Scroll letter, and goes back to Tai Lung’s confrontation.

For Tai Lung, Po reveals himself to be a tough obstacle, confounding him with complicated battle techniques.

Also, his ample body fat provides him with an unparalleled ability to withstand injury and gives him immunity to the nervous strikes of Tai Lung.

Tai Lung beats Po and recovers the scroll briefly, but he cannot grasp it and begins to attack Po.

Eventually, Po beats Tai Lung in battle by using the enigmatic Wuxi Finger Grip to beat him.

Po is honored by the Valley of Peace and is revered by the Angry Five, who consider him as the real Kung Fu master.

8. Best Kung Fu Movies: FIST OF LEGEND

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Release Date: December 22, 1994

As Black Dragon Clan thugs erupt and try to choke things out because he is Chinese, Chen Zhen attends Kyoto University class.

Mitsuko, one of the classmates of Chen and Chen’s teacher and friends, who is in a romantic relationship with him, defended his involvement.

Thugs are brutal, but Chen uses many controlled Chin Na techniques to beat it quickly.

The sensei of the Japanese thugs, Funakochi Fumio, who is the uncle of Mitsuko, handles the situation and apologizes for the actions of his pupils.

Fumio is fascinated with Chen’s talks and talks to him and Chen knows that Huo Yuanjia, his trainer, died after a defeat in a battle with Akutagawa Ryoichi, a Japanese karateka.

After listening to the bad news, Chen is distracted and suddenly leaves Kyoto for Shanghai.

Chen returns to Jingwu School and discovers that the new master of Jingwu School has been his master’s son, Huo Ting’en.

Chen goes to the Japanese dojo the next day to ask Akutagawa, who honorably agrees.

Chen quickly defeats Akutagawa and finds Akutagawa unable to defeat Huo Yuanjia, who suspects the death of his master’s foul play.

For an autopsy against the wishes of his colleagues and Jingwu participants Huo Yuanjia’s corpse has been exhumated by Chen.

Before his match against Akutagawa, Huo Yuanjia was poisoned and weakened.

Chen’s success against Akutagawa is distributed over the next few days, which makes Chen a local popular Shanghai figure.

The members of Jingwu start looking at Chen as their new tutor who takes up Huo Ting’en’s envy.

In a brothel, Huo stays quiet and searches for comfort, and gets involved in a prostitute romantically.

Akutagawa challenges the Imperial Japanese Army General Gō Fujita, suspecting that his match against the dishonorable Huo Yuanjia had been rigged.

Fujita kills Akutagawa after a heated argument by rupturing her back before the Japanese ambassador and blame Chen then.

Invited by the death of their master, students from Akutagawa assault Jingwu School and end up battling the local police.

Chen is investigated for the suspected assassination of Akutagawa and put on trial.

Several bribed witnesses make misleading and contradictory claims about the murder but the court declines, based on a prejudicial attitude to Chen, to consider evidence from Chinese prosecution witnesses.

The court acknowledges her fake evidence because she’s Japanese, and Mitsukko ends up testifying that Chen is innocent for having spent her night there with her.

In an abandoned hut close to Huo Yuanjia’s grave, Chen and Mitsuko face animosity from the residents and have to find refuge.

Simultaneously, at Fujita’s order, Fumio arrives from Japan to delete Chen.

Fumio joins Chen in a battle that results in a drama and concludes that Chen will not be beatable until he learns to respond to his opponent’s moves.

After Chen warned him of the evil intentions and barbaric tactics of Fujita, Fumio leaves.

Huo Ting’en visits Chen days later, apologizing for his previous behavior, and saying that the Chen and Mitsuko relationship is now acceptable to the Jingwu School.

That night as Mitsuko leaves, Huo teaches Chen the fist of Mizong quietly and sends out to Chen a note that she is in Japan to wait for him.

The Japanese diplomat entered and ordered his troops to stand. He was a pacifist against rising militarism.

He agrees with his efforts as he knows Fujita is an idiot but admonishes him even that Fujita’s death would be a pretext for the government to launch a war against China if the Chinese are unable to account for Fujita’s death by executing the killer.

To avoid battle, Chen expresses his readiness to take the responsibility for his assassination, and he receives more respect from the ambassador.

Rather than order Chen’s assassination, the diplomat executes a bogus execution and replaces Chen’s dead traitor skull.

Chen is fleeing Shanghai quietly to Manchuria, in the meantime.


Best kung fu movies - Snake in the Eagles Shadow

IMDB Rating: 7.4

Release Date: March 1, 1978

Chien Fu, a Kung Fu school orphan, is overworked as a janitor and the Kung Fu teachers are abused with Ah Wu, his one sympathizer, as a walking punch bag, as a walking punch-bag.

By offering him a meal and a place to stay, Chien makes friends with the old beggar (Yuen Siu Tien).

Unknown to Chien, Pai Cheng-Tien is the old beggar, one of the most recent surviving Kung Fu serpentine masters.

Pai runs from the Eagle Claw Clan, which killed all the rival masters in the Snake style ferociously but is embezzled and wounded by Eagle Claw student Su Chen and a Christian missioner (Roy Horan) killed the murderer.

Chien finds Pai and helps him recover later, after being abused yet again.

Based on Pai’s not naming it “sifu,” since they are friends, Pai agrees to teach him more lessons.

However, the real reason is that Chien keeps his relationship with him a secret from his followers.

Chien is discovering and learning how to prevent the bumbling instructors from being hurt.

Chien easily defeats their master using the snake style when the school is invaded by the Mantis school, to everyone’s amazement.

Unfortunately, the Eagle Clan’s high master, Sheng Kuan (Jang Lee Hwang), who recognizes the style at once and decides to tail Chien, is one of the passing wanderers who witnesses the fight.

Chien meets Shang Kuan, who asks the old beggar, saying he was Pai’s colleague.

He easily fights Chien’s attacks as a show of ‘proof.’

Chien realizes that his struggle in a Snake style does not fit into the style of the man, so creating a new style by looking at the cat killing a cobra.

Later on, the conspirators of the Eagle Claw track down Pai, who manages to kill Su Chen.

He returns to Chien to hide, but then it is shown that Ah-Wu is also a conspirator of Eagle Claw when he puts poison into their tea.

Sheng Kuan is pursued by Chien and flees with his enemy, but Pai is sensing danger.

As Chien is eager to follow them, he learns the truth of the conspiracy, and after the conspiracy, he challenges Sheng Kuan to fight alone.

In an initial phase, Chien appears to be at a disadvantage and kills him with his new ‘Cat Claw’ technology – against which Sheng Kuan doesn’t know the defense.

When Ah-Wu appears after the combat and reveals his real loyalty, Chien and Pai trick and kill him, as they have avoided the poison, by chance.

Then the two friends walk away to refine the new technique of Chien and to name it in its title.

10. Best Kung Fu Movies: FIST OF FURY

Best kung fu movies - fist of fury

IMDB Rating: 7.4

Release Date: 22 March 1972

Chen Zhen was born in Shanghai in the 1910s and returned to his fiancée in the Jingwu school.

But he discovers that his master Huo Yuanjia died of a disease that is apparently crippling Chen.

During the funeral in the district of Hong Kou, people from a Japanese dojo come and harass the students of Jingwu.

Wu En, translator and adviser to the great maestro of Japanese dojo Hiroshi Suzuki, taunts Chen by placating him several times on the cheek, daring him to combat one of his protegés.

They show the Jingwu School a sign that seems to mock Huo Yuanjia and that the words “Sick Man of East Asia” identify the Chinese as “weaklings” in contrast with the Japanese.

“I’ll eat those words if any Chinese here dare to fight and defeat me” The protege taunts the Jingwu student to fight against him.

Chen Zhen tries to repress but Fan Junxia, the school’s senior student, is discouraged from repressing.

Immediately, Chen Zhen went alone to the dojo of Hongkou to return the sign.

He battles Japanese students and beats them all including their senses, alone.

He pulls the glass on the sign and lets the students who taunted him earlier chew the paper with its inappropriate words so that they “eat their words literally.

Chen figures out that night that Master Huo has been poisoned by Tian, the chef, all the time.

Chen saw Tian and the caretaker Feng Guishi speak.

Chen kills Tian, followed by Feng as he attempts to figure out why Master Huo has been killed.

From a lamppost, Chen suspends the bodies of Tian and Feng.

Yuan Li’er, Chen’s fiancée, finds him next to Huo’s grave and they share a wonderful moment.

In the meantime, Suzuki forced Chen to be detained but eludes the central police officer, Inspecteur Lo.

Then Chen kills Wu and hangs the lamp’s body as Suzuki is entertaining his visiting pal Petrov.

Chen barges into the dojo to take vengeance, murdering Yoshida, Petrov, and Suzuki, the leader of the students present on that same night.

Chen returns to the School of Jingwu to find half of the dojo dead from Jingwu and Hongkou Schools.

But a couple of Jingwu students – including Yuan, Fan Junxia, and Xu, who were still on the gravesite looking for Chen on a tip from Yuan – are still alive.

Chen is captured by Inspector Lo at Jingwu who offers to hand himself up to Lo to preserve the legacy of his master.

He informs Chen that because he is Chinese, he can still believe him.

Chen faces a line of armed Japanese soldiers and officials at the outer gate as they leave the classroom, all pointing their weapons at him.

Furious, Chen loads the line and punches.

This freeze-frame shot and the sound of gunshots includes his death and final sacrifice, ends with the film.

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